Anytime we see anything relating to the good fight, we always make time to read it. It’s good to stay informed and get some hope during this difficult time. Theres other things we could do too, like go back 40 years and hold Exxon Mobil accountable, but hey, Doc Brown isn’t here to solve the climate crisis. If only we could borrow his Delorian for a day… Anyway, give this BBC article a read if you can!

Scientists in Australia say they have found a way to help coral reefs fight the devastating effects of bleaching by making them more heat-resistant.

Rising sea temperatures make corals expel tiny algae which live inside them. This turns the corals white and effectively starves them.

In response,researchers have developed a lab-grown strain of microalgae which is more tolerant to heat.

When injected back into the coral, the algae can handle warmer water better.

The researchers believe their findings may help in the effort to restore coral reefs, which they say are “suffering mass mortalities from marine heatwaves”.

The team made the coral – which is a type of animal, a marine invertebrate – more tolerant to temperature-induced bleaching by bolstering the heat tolerance of its microalgal symbionts – tiny cells of algae that live inside the coral tissue.

You can read the full article here.