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The film took more than three years to shoot and is the result of 500+ hours of underwater footage, coral bleaching submissions from volunteers in 30 countries, as well as support from more than 500 people in various locations around the world. ~

Coral Reefs, Reef Safe Sunscreen, & you~ What to do?

Grab the tissue box guys and gals, this incredible masterpiece gave us chicken skin from the start in the worst possible way. The collection of data in combination with interviews and footage of massive graveyards of coral left us bleary eyed and hopeless in this fight. Please do your selves a favor even if you’re well versed in the challenges we face. Using Reef Safe Sunscreen is piece of the pie, but none the less important.

Remember that you can be the change in your community. Stay educated and fight the good fight in whatever way you can! We tend to offer out samples of our reef safe formula to anyone we see using aerosol spray sunscreen whenever we see it. If you’re feeling particularly motivated please make sure and visit the Chasing Coral action page wherein you can do anything from host a screening, make a donation to the cause, get FREE curriculum if you’re a teacher, get social media posts, or commit to action. All of these actions and educational materials are so so important for our communities and many of them are free.

If you can, take a moment and help fight the good fight.

Malama ‘Aina

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