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All Natural Ingredients

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Bees Wax

Natural Sweat and water resistance

Non-Nano Zinc

Broad spectrum sun protection

Green Tea

Decreases inflammation and free radicals


Tint, alleviates fine lines

Coconut Oil

Naturally antibacterial and antifungal, moisturizer

Shea Butter

Reduces inflammation, smoothes skin

Almond Oil / Avocado Oil

Almond Oil helps to prevent blackheads and acne. Replaced with Avocado Oil for those with nut allergies

Raspberry Seed Oil

Contains Vitamin E, a natural preservative

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Mika Nakashige

Developer/ Founder and Chemist


Developer, Founder, Marketing


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Goes on really smooth and l love that its reef safe. I’ll wear it for hours in the ocean and it doesn’t wear off. And it smells so good I kinda wanna eat it


Love. This. Product.I’ve been searching for years to find a sunscreen that actually works – most really don’t. They either wear out too fast, or left me feeling greasy and caked in chemicals. On top of that, most sunscreens are toxic (for both us and the environment). This stuff is none of that.It lasts forever, doesn’t make me feel gross, it’s reef safe and I can spend hours in the sun without getting torched. As someone who was diagnosed with skin cancer – finding this stuff has been awesome. I highly recommend it to all my friends (and the owners are rad!!)


I love it! I usually wear it on my morning runs (sunny but 30-40 degrees in Boston winter) and it reminds me of a tropical summer vacation. It smells so, so delicious. It is also quite moisturizing and, unlike other sunscreens that give me red bumps, leaves my skin smooth. I have medium-light skin with golden undertones and it blends in quite well.

-Su-Young from Boston, MA

Nice thick texture, stays on during water activities, doesn’t run into your eyes when you sweat!

Rick and Maile Aaroe

I used the sunscreen this weekend and I absolutely love it!!! I love how it holds and doesn’t get soft in the car. Smells great and there’s no greasy feel to it like some other reef safe sunscreens I tried. I’m so stoked and love everything about this sunscreen. Much mahalo for all the support and hope to meet u guys this weekend 🤙🏽🤙🏽. Have a great week and an amazing day guys

Kely Boi

I have been using another brand, but it burns when it runs into my eyes while surfing. This stuff doesn’t burn!


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